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The 5 Tactics Your Internet Business Must Employ Immediately
if You Want to Prosper in 1999

Where's the money?

Like that old Wendy's commercial that had everyone saying "Where's the beef?" years back, the Internet has everyone saying, "Where's the money?"

Now that the fanfare and smoke has cleared from the battlefield, one thing is clear: Internet Marketing is no picnic!

People are discovering this every day.   They aren't just saying "where's the money?"  They are saying, "what do we do now?!  Everywhere I turn some huckster is trying to sell me advice on how to run my business.  I buy their course and it's just junk I could have found in any discussion forum or rehashed information that has been passed around for years.  I don't need tips.  I need a reproducible and cohesive system that will work every time!"

Marketing on the Internet is deadly serious.  If you aren't careful the Internet can drain your pockets of money faster than it can fill them.  No number of tips and tricks are going to make you successful on the Internet.  The only thing that is going to make you successful on the Internet is The only thing that is going to make you successful on the Internet is the execution of a cohesive and deliberate system for delivering results.

Having the "right product" or some special promotional tool or secret is not what it takes.  After testing business after business over the years, we began to see trends and patterns common to all of the businesses that were making any significant amount of money on the net.

These trends were common to all business.   It didn't matter what the product was or who was selling it.  These things were true for retailers, MLMers, large companies, small one-man operations, lead collectors, informational sites... It didn't matter.

Every one of these businesses were employing a deliberate system for getting results comprised of the following 5 basic tactics. Each of the successful businesses employed a plan which was comprised of a custom variation of the five following tactical approaches.  Every one of them employed at least one variation of every one of the following types of tactics.

A tactic for:

1.  Getting People to a Website

2.  Keeping People at the Website

3.  Getting People Back to the Website Once They've Left

4.  Closing the Deal

5.  Working the "Back-End"

This is your basic blueprint for Internet marketing success.  If you have all five of these bases covered, and you are testing the results from each, you are assured success. 

by Mark Joyner
CEO Aesop Marketing Corporation

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